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DRAKMA DMCC is a company duly incorporated and existing under the laws of United Arab emirates with its office at Unit No: 199, Level No 5,DMCC Business Centre, Dubai, U.A.E.

The Story

DRAKMA is a fintech company providing Digital Payment Solutions to the financial sector in Middle East and Africa. Our portfolio of Digital Payment Solutions includes Digital Payments including Mobile Money, E-Wallet Solutions, Micro Loans and Savings, QR Service, Agency Banking, Loyalty Management, Reconciliation and Settlement.

Drakma DMCC which is based in Dubai, has legally registered subsidiaries in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, DRC, Malawi and Nigeria. These locally registered subsidiaries work with the respective in-country regulators like the Central Banks and operate under their respective license framework guidelines and comply with the local regulations.


To achieve Financial Inclusion by bringing in visibility to the SMEs, Financial Institutions and Individuals who are largely part of Cash economy by providing cashless payments, building credit history and making digital financial service easy, affordable and accessible to everyone.


To empower people by democratizing access to credit and digital financial services.